Our Team

Charles L. “Butch” McCall


In 1984 working for Larry Carrier as the Media & Public Relations Director for the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) based in Bristol, TN Butch McCall started his motorsports career.

Butch served as Vice President of IHRA. Some of his duties included organizing and conducting Media/Press tours for the professional drivers competing in IHRA, writing press releases, the design and layout of national event programs, and overseeing the “Press Room” operations at each of the twelve (12) national events.

After one year, he was promoted to National Marketing Director and assumed all sales and marketing to promote the sanctioning body. This included finding and developing clients to purchase and sponsor IHRA’s Points Funds for eleven (11) categories, national events sponsorships, multiple shootout sponsorships for specific professional and sportsman eliminators. He was responsible for developing special programs such as “Official Vehicles”, “Official Auto Parts” and “Official Apparel” for the organization. One of the most important aspects of his job was the development of programming and sales with ESPN. Butch secured sponsors such as; Motorcraft, Ford, Chevrolet, Winston, Lorilard-Salem, Hardee’s, Mr. Gasket, Fel-Pro, Hurst Shifters, and many more.

Butch was promoted in 1987 to Vice President and General Manager of the Bristol International Raceway (BIR). He handled all aspects of the racing operation; negotiating contracts with Anheuser-Busch, ESPN, and Valleydale, coordinating each race with NASCAR Officials, pre-race promotions, overseeing ticket sales and distribution, all on-site hospitality, and all other duties associated with BIR.

Butch McCall and Ted Jones formed Masters Entertainment Group, Inc. (MEG), a national “Television Production Company” in 1990.

MEG has provided programming for several national television networks over its 26 year history such as; ESPN, ESPN2, SPIKE, SPEED, OUTDOOR CHANNEL, VERSUS, ION, CSS, SUNSPORTS, FOX SPORTS NETWORK, VELOCITY, NBC SPORTS, MAVTV, and REVN. Butch was instrumental in the concept and development of ESPN2 and have supplied as many as 339 programs per year to that network.

In 2015, Butch and Sherry McCall formed POWERSCOPE PRODUCTIONS, INC. to take automotive and marine programming to the next level. Americans spend more time engaged with television than any other media, and it is PowerScope’s goal, working with major companies in both arenas, to develop exciting, informative, and quality television programming.

Sherry McCall


Sherry’s twenty years of experience at York International (Fortune 500 Company) provided her with organization development solutions in the areas of management and supervisory skills, leadership styles, career development, re-employment, executive coaching, 360 feedback, conflict management, team building, diversity, and change management. In addition, learning the aspects of manufacturing would assist in her future position involving motorsports and the marine industries.
For fifteen years, Sherry served as Senior Account Executive for Masters Entertainment Group (MEG), one of the largest independent motorsports television production companies in the country. In this position, she brought many new sponsors to MEG, developed new programming that focused on the client’s national marketing needs, and implementing exposure opportunities to ensure the best return on their investment. She traveled extensively covering major motorsports events, and trade shows for; ESPN, ESPN2, SPIKE, SPEED, OUTDOOR CHANNEL, VERSUS, ION, CSS, SUNSPORTS, FOX SPORTS NETWORK, VELOCITY, NBC SPORTS, MAVTV, and REVN. Developing mutually beneficial partnerships and building long lasting relationships in the automotive and marine industries are the best part of her job.
In 2015, Sherry McCall and her husband Butch formed POWERSCOPE PRODUCTIONS, INC. to provide a broad range of services, extensive experience, special expertise, quality and great creativity. Video content is becoming increasingly important for all types of businesses in various ways including content marketing, social media, and promotion. We understand the importance of producing a corporate or brand video that will engage your target audience and set you apart from the competition. We are more than a video production company. We combine our creative innovation with our marketing expertise to deliver exceptional content to our clients.

Bryan Curd


In college, Bryan took his sales skills and combined them with his knowledge of photography and established himself in promotional marketing. After 15 years as Director of Sales for a Fortune 500 software company, Bryan took his suit and tie off to pursue a more artistic career in the world of video production. Bryan believes in the old saying, “Do what you love and never work a day in your life”. Growing up with a love of extreme sports, Bryan’s business grew fast in this area. His laid back attitude and a brutally honest approach to business, soon attracted a talented team of incredibly artistic people. This team can handle any type of production opportunity.

Traveling the country and tackling fun projects is a passion his whole family has shared in. He has been coined a great husband, a great father, a great business man….and a pretty good bus driver.

Pam Curd


Pam left the 9 to 5 world 15 years ago to help build what has become a thriving TV production company with her husband, Bryan. Graphics and animation comes natural for her because of her creative eye and an artistic nature. Combining this with the ability to handle tools and fix most problems, makes Pam a valuable asset to the team. Pam can get in the dirt and fix the bus, troubleshoot software problems, then put on a dress and go entertain clients. This dose of Southern Charm with a dash of hot sauce keeps the team upbeat and motivated. Anyone who knows Pam knows that she always comes prepared and most likely has a stash of animal cookies in the camera bag.

Pam is up for any project. She may not know where they’re headed but she’s ready to go when the bus driver starts the engine.

Kevin O'Connell


Kevin has been in the world of audio since 1964 when he was an announcer and directed continuity, music, operations, production and traffic for several radio stations. He left the radio world and started O’Connell Productions, an Atlanta recording studio providing audio and related creative services to advertising agencies and businesses ranging in size from mom-and-pop to multi-national. Since then, Kevin has been writing, reading and recording in his home-based studio. Kevin’s long history of experience and award winning talent is a huge benefit to the company.

James Wyles


James is located in the production center of Texas, Austin. He has been on both sides of the camera as an ex bull rider and doing production for live events over the past decade. His job responsibilities include main camera videographer and lead grip, as well as helping with bus driving duties.

James’ attitude and personality are a great contribution to any production team. He is always willing to tackle any task assigned.

Maggie Clevenger


Maggie’s passion for the media industry began when she was first handed a camera as an 11-year-old on the sidelines of college football games. She has touched almost every aspect of the media production world. She is always up for a challenge and enjoys solving problems if they should arise.

Maggie is a videographer that knows how to stay with the action in all types of extreme sports, monster trucks, bull riding, motocross, drag racing, you name it. She is a graduate of East Tennessee State University where she majored in English, priming her to take over script writing needs of the company. She is a natural for the company’s social media responsibilities, understanding the impact and importance that top quality pictures and information on a timely basis can make for a company. This classy lady is a great addition to the team.

Bob Cummings


In Memory of Bob who passed away in 2016

Bob had a 40 plus year background in radio and television broadcast. He was an award winning videographer tackling national TV shows with a passion. An accomplished shooter, production wiz, director and editor, Bob was a welcomed addition to our production company.